Cat lovers will crave this set of three Cat Café teabags filled with delicious and soothing Earl Grey tea.

Cat Café Teabags Feature Cute Kitties Taking Tea Baths

There's nothing quite like steeping one's self in a hot bath whilst enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Earl Grey tea. There's also nothing like bow-tie-wearing kittens steeping in a hot tub – because most cats just aren't into that sort of thing.

Luckily for us (and them), these cute cat-shaped tea bags from Cat Café deliver all that bath-taking, tea-sipping and cat-lovin' stuff and combine it into something special!

Cat Café Teabags Feature Cute Kitties Taking Tea Baths

Each Cat Café teabag features a different kind of cat – calico, tabby and silver shorthair – attached to a standard-shaped bag of Earl Grey tea. The colored cardboard cat hangs onto the rim of your teacup as the aromatic tea gently steeps out of sight below.

Just the thing for those cool autumn afternoons... you don't even have to love cats, just know someone who does! The set of three is priced at $12 with more info and ordering instructions available at OMG Japan.