The World Wide Web is full of wacky, weird and entetaining finds. Today, I came across some of the most unusual and fun animal-themed products on the Internet to share with kooky animal lovers of all species. Cat butt gum? I still can't get over the idea of it.


1. Sneaky Octopus Mug

Sneaky Octopus Mug from PlasticlandSneaky Octopus Mug from Plasticland

You've really got yourself a surprise scare with this Sneaky Octopus Mug. The more you sip on your steaming mug of coffee, the closer he gets to revealing himself! It would be fun--if a little ill-mannered--to play a prank on an unsuspecting friend with this mug. You can buy it at Amazon for around $10.00.

2. Cat Butt Gum

Cat Butt GumCat Butt Gum

Just when I thought they couldn't come up with anything weirder, I find cat butt gum. Yes, you read that right. I've personally had the pleasure of trying this stuff for myself, and I never fail to laugh at the clever "7 helpful occasions to chew this gum" on the back of the box. It puts a whole new spin on the question, "Want a piece of gum?" Available here for less than $5.

3. Raccoon and Trash Can Salt and Pepper Shakers

Raccoon and Trash Can Salt and Pepper ShakersRaccoon and Trash Can Salt and Pepper Shakers

Worthy of a double-take, this is the most adorable salt and pepper shaker duo I've ever seen. No homeowner is a stranger to the scavenging raccoon who leaves a trail of trash in his wake. But who can resist these salt and pepper shakers? Not me! Buy yours at for $10.99.

4. Shark Oven Mitt

Shark Oven MittShark Oven Mitt

Where the Sneaky Octopus Mug leaves off, this shark oven mitt picks up. Removing a sheet of cookies from the oven becomes ten times more fun with this fierce guy, who's ready to gobble up those chocolate chip cookies for himself. I know you'll proudly whip this out at the next barbecue. This shark oven mitt comes from BostonWarehouse and is $8.95.

5. Flying Blue Elephant Hat Costume Cap

Flying Blue Elephant HatFlying Blue Elephant Hat

By far the weirdest elephant hat in existence. I'm actually not sure how many elephant hats there are to begin with, but this one definitely takes the cake anyway. Truth be told, I'd probably wear this just while sitting around in front of the TV. It's too epic not to utilize every chance you get. Available at for $29.95.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich Animal Molds

Ice Cream Sandwich Animal MoldsIce Cream Sandwich Animal Molds

These animal molds double--maybe triple--the fun of munching on ice cream sandwiches during the blistering summer. I can't think of a kid (or adult, let's be honest) who wouldn't love these. They come in a pack with a cow, pig and chicken from and are priced at $11.25.

7. Tiger Claw Animal Slippers

Tiger Claw Animal SlippersTiger Claw Animal Slippers

All you need now to complete the ensemble is a good tiger print bathrobe. If I saw someone sleepily dragging themselves around in these, I'd promptly brew up some coffee and offer them the morning newspaper. These tiger claw slippers are serious business! Get them at Amazon for $21.99.

8. Animal Crumb Vacuum

Animal Crumb VacuumAnimal Crumb Vacuum

Know an animal-loving co-worker who sneaks snacks at their cubicle? When the evidence is all over their desk in crumb form, hand them a cow, pig, or elephant vacuum to take care of the job. Kids will love these, too--but fair warning: it might give them incentive to be messy! Available at Amazon  for $15.95.

9. Spikey the Hedgehog Mittens

Spikey the Hedgehog MittensSpikey the Hedgehog Mittens is overrun with adorable, weird and fun homemade goodies, and these top the list. I've heard of all kinds of animal mittens before--but hedgehog? These cute little guys have stolen my heart. Too bad it's only July! Snatch these up from for $10.43.

10. Armadillo Handbag

Armadillo HandbagArmadillo Handbag

If I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't believe it. With this frighteningly realistic-looking armadillo handbag, all eyes will be on you. You know everyone's just jealous, though. This cute little guy is available at for $14.95.

That does it for the 10 Fun and Wacky Animal-Themed Products. I hope these funny and weird finds gave you a laugh and raise your eyebrows, as they did mine. Now all that's left to do is decide which ones to put on my wish list. Hmmmm...

Which is your favorite?

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