Cats love to be cozy and they love boxes. So, perhaps it wasn't so bizarre that a cat-owning entrepreneur designed a box, a sleeping box, that cats seem to love. What's unique about this box is that it looks way too small for most cats!


Whisker+Box bed for cats

The Whisker+Cat Box


Andrea Petrini, creator of the Whisker+Cat Box (no relation to the mathematical concept), did her homework when she created this box; it's not an accident that it's small.  It is made to intentionally compress your cat. Why? Because, it turns out, cats like to be compressed. And, coincidentally, compression is recommended by veterinarians, because compression calms a cat's anxiety and provides him comfort. That's what those Thundershirts are all about!



Whiskers + Box

The Whisker+Cat Box

These adorable cat boxes come flat in four colors: Lime, charcoal, black, yellow, and turquoise, with a selection of colored snaps. They fit up to a 16 pound cat (or dog) and, perhaps eventually, there will be a larger size for those of us with mountain lions for cats.

The compression boxes are made of a water repellent coated nylon canvas which covers a felt core. The nylon is easily wiped with a damp cloth; the Box is not made for the washing machine.

The Whiskers + Box is made in the USA and is available from Whiskers + Box and The Grommet.


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