Cat beds don't get more a-peeling than the Banana Bed, a bright yellow 'slipping' bag with a built-in flap of 'skin' that guarantees purr-rivacy.

Cat Banana Bed Is A Great Place To Go To Slip

We previously covered the deliciously cute Fruit Tart Cat Bed, and while the sight of your cat snuggled among plush fruit slices inside a faux pie shell may send you into paroxysms of joy, kitty may not appreciate so much visual exposure.

The Banana Bed solves that issue much the same way Luke Skywalker did when faced with a frigid fate on the ice planet of Hoth: flip back a flap of skin and climb right in! Even better, no Tauntauns have to give up their lives just so your lazy cat can catch forty winks.  

Cat Banana Bed Is A Great Place To Go To Slip

The Banana Bed measures 60 cm × 20 cm (roughly 24” long by 8” wide) and features 3cm (just over 1”) of foam padding. A five-pointed, multicolored cat toy is built into the bed near the stem end.

For more information and to order, please visit the Doctor's Advice Peppy website (it's in Japanese, though). The Banana Bed is sticker priced at 3,888 yen or about $46.50 and tax is included.