This gorgeous cat & mouse door knocker hand-cast in bronze by artist Derek Bernstein is, much like your own pet cat, almost too beautiful to keep outside.

Cast Bronze Cat & Mouse Door Knocker

This is an “original bronze cat portrait of Augie with swinging mouse in his mouth,” to quote Etsy shop seller casadelgatto, who's located in Pennsylvania. Whomever “Augie” might be, he's one classy-looking kitty. The unfortunate mouse, on the other hand, also looks classy but remains nameless.

The seller indicates that while engineered to be a door knocker, this item also makes an intriguing wall sculpture whether you're a cat-owner or not. Either way, owners can mount the sculpture quickly and easily on a front door using included brass screws, or on a board suitable for wall mounting.

Cast Bronze Cat & Mouse Door Knocker

The piece is one of several similar designs created by artist Derek Bernstein. The components were/are hand-carved from wax and cast in bronze using the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

As far as size goes, the artist chose to create these pieces in actual life-size. As well, each individual piece is unique and they're signed & numbered to guarantee authenticity. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the online product page at casadelgatto's Etsy shop.