Care bears are back, baby, and their putting the bite on your cables in the cutest, most retro, eighties-style way possible.    

Care Bear Cable Bites Put A Chomp On Your Data

Remember Care bears, those fluffy and colorful cartoon teddy bear characters sporting individual belly badges reflecting their charming personalities? Launched in 1982, re-launched in 1991 and re-re-launched in 2002, 2007, 2012 and (whew!) 2019, Care Bears have carved out a place in every child's heart... not literally, of course, 'cuz that would be horrifying.

Anyway, Bandai has gone and licensed the Care Bears concept from Those Characters From Cleveland (Cloudco Entertainment), ensuring the cute & colorful critters will never, ever leave your cable-connected work- or play-space.

Care Bear Cable Bites Put A Chomp On Your Data

Cable Bites” are open-mouthed plastic electronic cable grippers that snap onto most any connecting cable and appear to chomp the end of the device to which the cable is attached. They don't seem to have any real function – or any breakable/moving parts – other than to block the cable-connection port from intruding dirt and debris. Is this even an issue? Maybe, maybe not... but it COULD be, so conduct yourselves accordingly!

That means installing a Cable Bite on each of your devices, stat. Start with these Care Bear themed Cable Bites because, er, just because. Choose from the purple Friendly Share Bear or the pink Happy Cheer Bear. More info and ordering instructions can be found at the (Japanese language) Dreams Inc. online product page.