Though many consider that a travel crate is a safe place to keep your dog while in the car, there is only one brand of travel crate to date that has passed Center For Pet Safety crash tests!

Gunner Kennel G1

Gunner Kennels


The Gunner Kennels, model 'G1', sized small, medium, and intermediatewith Strength-Rated Anchor Straps are the only models of any travel crate and tie-downs that passed the CPS Travel Crate category tests. 


Gunner Kennel G1

Gunner Kennels, model 'G1


In addition, the small model of the Gunner Kennel was crash tested in the small carrier division on the back seat and won a 5 star rating in that category. Here is the video of the back seat test. I am impressed by how well the Anchor Straps prevent the kennel from falling off the seat.



When situated on the floor of the cargo area tested as a 'travel crate,' the Small Gunner Kennel G1 scored a 5 as well.  Below is a slow-motion video of that test:



Likewise, the intermediate and medium sizes (check sizing here) of the Gunner Kennel G1 with Anchor Straps (shown below) also made the top score in the travel crate category. The intermediate and medium sizes DO NOT belong on the back seat of your car or truck.


Tie Down Strap Kit

8 foot tie-down Anchor Straps


When positioned in the cargo areas of your vehicles the Gunner Kennels are to be used with the 8 foot tie-down Anchor Straps, which are to be tied down to the strongest anchor points in the rear of your vehicle. To insure that you are getting the maximum safety for your dog, you should contact the vehicle manufacturer to ascertain where those spots are. I strongly suggest that you read this concern from the CPS about anchor points: the Cargo Area Connection Advisory.


Cargo Connection


Gunner Kennels are the only double-walled rotation molded crates made. This means of manufacturing offers greater strength and resistence to force than single-walled crates. The website has hundreds of testimonials and crash photos from real accidents in which dogs were saved by their Gunner Kennels, including at least one photo of an upside-down truck resting on the bottom of an in-tact kennel.

On this page you can find the right size for your dog by breed, weight, size, vehicle, and more. You can even use the Gunner Vision augmented reality feature to put your dog in your vehicle in the proper size kennel!

In fact the website has every bit of information you might ever need to know about the Gunner Kennels from the kennel's features to the proper sizing to the securing of the kennel. Also available are many very handy accessories for your dog's Gunner Kennel. The Gunner Kennels are more pricey than most, I will warn you, but Gunner is absolutely serious about keeping your dog safe.

Though some pet product manufacturers use other test agencies, the CPS (Center For Pet Safety) test results are the most trusted. Its kennel crash tests were conducted with support from Subaru of America


The Center For Pet Safety is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and consumer advocacy organization and relies on contributions for testing a variety of products in the pet industry, which is largely unregulated. If you would like to make a donation to this organization, please visit this page.


With appreciation to Lindsey A. Wolko, co-founder of The Center For Pet Safety.


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