A Scottish police constable charged with returning an escaped cow to its pasture ended up being charged by the cranky cattle chattel instead.  

Breakfast Club - Paul Gleason

“You mess with the bull, you get the horns,” warned Mr. Vernon (above), principal of Shermer High, but evidently PC Ross of Road Policing Scotland had never watched The Breakfast Club. Vernon and Ross do have something in common, however: both tried to corral those who wouldn't follow the rules, and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Cantankerous Cow Charges Compassionate Cop

It was a gray and drizzly morn (not a dark and stormy night) when the Lothian and Border area of the Dumfries Galloway Police Division was alerted to a wayward steer spotted just off the roadside. PC Ross was called upon to rectify the situation... hey, police work in southeastern Scotland isn't all it's cracked up be.  

Cantankerous Cow Charges Compassionate Cop

Arriving at the scene by car at around 9:35am on Sunday, July 29th, PC Ross left his patrol car's dash-cam on as he walked over to the hitchhiking (presumably) heifer. Good thing he did – video of the close cattle encounter has gone viral with 1,155 retweets and 3,799 likes at press time.

Cantankerous Cow Charges Compassionate Cop

All's well that ends well, though. “Pleased to report that neither PC Ross or any animal were harmed during this incident,” stated Dumfries Galloway Police at their Twitter feed, “and despite some initial reluctance the animal returned to its field.” No doubt PC Ross returned to his “field” as well, after a quick stop to change his knickers.