No soup can for you, hungry street cat, at least not anymore thanks to the caring 'cycle constables of the Las Vegas Municipal Police.

Canned Feline Freed By Sin City Fuzz

The history of the internet is littered with animals getting their heads stuck in jars, cups, plastic jack-o'-lanterns, even a traffic cone. Now we can add “soup can” to the list, courtesy of one scared-y cat who found itself in an m'm! m'm! no-good situation out on the mean streets of Sin City.

You can call it “canned laughter” but while some may giggle at these creatures caught in an embarrassing faux pas, be mindful that in every case caught on camera, rescuers were promptly alerted and actions undertaken to free the victims.

Canned Feline Freed By Sin City Fuzz

Such was the case of a cat whose hankering for Campbell's Chunky Soup – exact variety undetermined – led it to cross paths with a patrolling pair of Las Vegas Municipal Police motorcycle officers.

“We're trained in a variety of life-saving techniques, but not this one,” stated the caption for a video posted at the LVMPD's Facebook account. That said, extricating a cat's head from an empty soup can doesn't typically call for the Jaws of Life.

Canned Feline Freed By Sin City Fuzz

Kudos to the cops for exercising “great care” as they slowly but deliberately slipped the confining can off the curiously compliant cat... perhaps its senses were dulled by oxygen deprivation.

All the more reason to be thankful to these officers who rose above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of an unknown, un-named and probably un-repentent moggie. We say “un-repentent” because the critter made a bolt for the boondocks as soon as its head-hugging helmet was removed. One might say it was... m'm! m'm! gone.