Caninus licensed 'Terror' Collar

Caninus Collars "Terror" band licensed dog collar

A dog-loving rock guitarist, Belle Molotov, played back-up for her own adopted pitbull mixes, Budgie and Basil, vocalists for their deathgrind band called Caninus. In a 10-year period, indeed three guitarists and a drummer played back-up to the canine vocalists. The band Caninus recorded one album and several 7-inch singles.

(The music in the videos below is heavy duty Heavy Metal, so definitely watch them, but you may want to turn your volume down a bit if you are not accustomed to this genre.)

Here's a short video of the dogs performing with their band on the Caninus album Now The Animals Have A Voice.



But in 2011, after Budgie and Basil had passed away, Rachel Rosen, aka Belle Molotov, started a new project devoted to dogs - canine fashion.  Looking for something out of the ordinary for her newly adopted dogs, she decided to create her own dog accessory company, and she named it Caninus Collars.

Since its start-up, Caninus Collars has created collars, leashes, and other canine accessories in hundreds of designs, fabrics, and styles. The line has a size and style for every size dog and every dog owner's taste! Each collar is custom-made. And now most styles are even available for cats.


Gunther in his Donuts Dog Collar

Gunther in his Caninus Collars Donut Dog Collar (via)


The newest patterns on Caninus collars and leashes are licensed from some of the most popular heavy metal bands like Judas Priest....






And Indecision....



Caninus Collars also licences dog accessories from the bands Mötley CrüeMisfitsMotörheadSick Of It AllSlayer, and Terror. So if you're into the bad boys and girls of music, or you're fond of different sentiments like springtime and love...Caninus Collars has many ways for your dogs and cats to express them!


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