Canine University dog training classes
Teaching your dog to heel is one of the lessons they'll learn at obedience school


So, your dog looks at you with disdain whenever you give him or her a command, if they acknowledge you at all. Or maybe they're just over-exuberant and act like a pup even though they're four or five years old, disregarding your attempts to keep them from jumping up whenever anyone enters the home. Sometimes it's difficult to keep them off furniture or from begging during meals. All of these things can be corrected with proper training. That's where doggy school can help.

Dog Training Classes

Training your dog is important, not only for your sanity but for their safety and for everyone around them. If you've tried on your own unsuccessfully to change their bad habits and instill some discipline to no avail, don't give up. All is not lost. Chances are you either haven't followed through and been consistent — which is so easy to do — or you haven't been using positive motivational methods to bring about change. 

Canine University

In Massachusetts, there is a highly-rated facility called Canine University for training dogs that gets results predominantly through clicker training. If you're not sure what that is, a clicker is a training device that makes a sound which the dog learns to associate with food. It has been proven to be very effective for getting results in a positive manner. Many breeders and dog trainers use them. Clickers can be purchased online or at most pet stores.

Clicker Training Dogs

The thing is, in order for clickers to work, you actually have to use them. But before you run out and get one or sit near the mailbox waiting for yours to arrive, you have to ask yourself if you're really up to the task of following through. If you're not, they won't work. Remember, our dogs' behavior is a reflection of our own efforts. If we're lax, so are they. Best intentions aside, if you're not going to be consistent you're better off taking them to obedience school.

Canine Seminars & Workshops

In addition to the possibility of your dog graduating from an institution of higher learning, Canine University also offers seminars and workshops for issues such as shyness, adolescent behavior, therapy dog training and courses for new parents introducing babies into the household and canine first aid classes, among other useful courses. You can also receive private lessons, if you prefer.

Obedience School

If you don't live in Mass., don't worry. There are Canine Universities in other states like Ohio and South Carolina. Just get online and do a search for Canine University and your home state. If you can't find one nearby, PetSmart offers classes you can enroll your dog in, as well as countless private facilities across the country that specialize in behavioral training. Like home training, you just have to put a little effort into it and be persistent, but the payoff will be worth it.