Rescue potbelly pig eaten by couple who adopt it
Molly    (image: BC SPCA)


File this under Say What?!

Recently, a couple in Canada came to the rescue of a potbellied pig that was removed from a dire situation in which its former owner was investigated for cruelty. The pig, Molly, ended up at the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where it and other pigs were nursed back to health and put up for adoption.


The shelter staff were thrilled when the couple came forward wanting to make a home for the animal. What happened next defies explanation, though. It seems several weeks later they received a report that Molly had been slaughtered and eaten by the couple who claimed she was more work than they'd bargained for.

Animal Cruelty Laws

In Canada, it is not illegal to slaughter and eat an animal deemed a pet, as long as it is done humanely. That's what the BC SPCA staff were told after notifying police of the bewildering incident. “The reality is, it’s not illegal to kill your own animal in Canada,” BC SPCA worker Lorie Chortyk purportedly told People.

What was extra saddening is the fact they would have gladly taken Molly back, if the couple had been willing to surrender her. The facility was reportedly never approached to offer that option.

Breach of Contract

While the couple breached their contract saying they would not use the pig for food, there's not much the BC SPCA can do about it other than blacklist the couple from ever adopting from them again. It turns out others tried to save the pig when news began to circulate of the pair's intentions, but the couple declined the offers and instead decided to dine on Molly.

Potbellied Pigs

Vietnamese pigs are often acquired under misleading circumstances. Many people are under the impression that they will stay small, which isn't the case. The other issue with pigs is they are incredibly smart and need proper training in order to manage them properly.

Adopting Pets Wisely

It isn't just pigs that pose a problem with pet owners. Before you bring any pet into your home make sure you're actually up to the task, regardless of the animal's age or health. It isn't just special needs animals that can end up being beyond your patience, time or skill levels, or your financial circumstances, which can change at anytime.

Regardless of species, please adopt responsibly.