Are you bored with today’s building toys? Looking for a fun project to test out your assembly skills? Bloco has you covered with a series of entertaining construction sets that challenge you to make an adorable animal toy or two:

Bloco toys are a series of distinctly shaped, soft foam pieces and hard plastic joint fasteners that give each finished toy a range of movement. Although each individual foam piece is completely unique, they are interchangeable between all sets, making Bloco sets unlike any other building toys on the market.


There is a wide range of visually distinct animal models available from Bloco, including dinosaurs, primates, lizards, birds of prey, insects, big cats and other amazing creatures. While each set comes with its own clear instructions detailing how to build each animal, you can also let your imagination run wild to combine parts from a scorpion, orangutan and chameleon to build all kinds of super beasts. Gorilla-owl? Octopanda? Zebra-shark? The only limit is your imagination!


Click here to bring home your own unassembled Bloco animal, but remember that half of the fun is building your foamy buddy! What’s your favorite Bloco model? Let us know in the comments below!

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