There are old stories about people stuffing the ballot box for their favorite candidate by having dead people "vote." There is a new twist on this. Take the case of Moco Lucero of Denver, Colorado. His story has been making news. He recently received a voter registration form in the mail. The problem is that he's been dead for 18 years -- and he's a dog.

Moco Lucero
Moco Lucero

The late Boston Terrier's owner, MaryAnn Lucero, was surprised this week when a letter showed up in her mailbox addressed to Moco. Inside she found a voter registration form filled out with his name. The letter with it stated that it was discovered that he was not currently a registered voter and encouraged him to register. The fact that Moco had passed away in 2000 was nearly as puzzling as how the non-partisan, non-governmental Voter Participation Center (VPC) would have gotten his name in the first place.

The letter read “Dear Moco Lucero, According to our review of publicly available records, you reside in Denver County and do not appear to be registered to vote.”

Moco, whose name means "snot" in Spanish, is hardly the first pet to receive this notice. It is apparently a fairly common mistake by this organization. Since no states makes a public list of those who are not registered to vote, VPC uses commercially available information to create their mailing lists.

Moco's Voter Registration Form
Moco's Voter Registration Form

In 2012 a deceased dog in Virginia also received this notice. It turned out that the dog's owner had gotten a magazine subscription in the dog's name and that was how the dog ended up on VPC's mailing list. VPC is not purposely trying to register pets to vote, deceased or not. The organization is quick to admit that these are mistakes.

Lucero has no idea how Moco's name became public. She suspects that her late husband, Jess, who had a quirky sense of humor, must have used Moco's name for something.

Oh, and if you are thinking that a dog named "Snot" sounds familiar it is because Cousin Eddie's dog in the movie "Christmas Vacation" was named Snot.

Source: 9News


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