Can Cats Protect You From Ghosts This Halloween?

With Halloween fast approaching, odds have it that you'll have a few kids impersonating ghosts and evil spirits this year. Those are the knocks on the door you will be rewarding with candy and other treats. But what about the things that go bump in the night, how do you attend to them during the upcoming holiday? Well, according to Awareness Act's correspondent Gerald Sinclair, one of the ways to be proactive is to adopt a cat -- that is, if you don't already have one.

Magical Energy

Cats display a magical energy that seems to relate to things that can't be seen by the human eye. Aside from keeping a home free from mice, it's considered common knowledge, they can ward off evil spirits as well.

"Cats are known for being able to sense negative energies and being able to correct them," notes Sinclair.


"Cats are aware of our auras and can sense when our energies are shifting. They can enter our auras and correct them. Cats, as strange as it may sound, are able to provide us with a healing therapy. Spiritually having a feline friend will help keep you at the top of your game. Even in Buddhist teachings a cat often acts as a temporary resting place for the soul of a highly spiritual person," asserts Sinclair.

Hissing & Vibrations

Did you ever notice your cat hissing at nothing at all? Some believe it's due to them sensing something humans cannot.

Cats are also able to share 'good vibrations' with us as well, when we show them affection. For instance, have you ever been petting your cat and noticed an instant sense of relaxation? Some say those are the times a cat is sharing its positive vibration.

5 signs cats can see ghosts . . .

In the "i iz cat" blog, they list 5 signs that your cats can see ghosts and spirits:

  • 1. The out-of-nowhere poofy tail and flat ears?

You're just sitting there, watching the tube ... and you get a sudden chill down your spine. You look over and see your cat puffing out his tail and flattening its ears.

  • 2. The stare at seemingly nothing?

Ever been lying in bed and your cat suddenly perks up and is staring at the ceiling above your head?

  • 3. The loud bump in the night, but your cat is sitting next to you?

We hear bumps in the night and us cat owners often think it's Fluffy running around doing cat stuff. Then you remember that Fluffy is curled up next to you, and you see him staring out towards the dark hallway.

  • 4. Your cat's sudden disappearance and sudden reappearance?

When they disappear, you call and look everywhere... but no signs. You check their usual spots, above the kitchen counters, under the bed, in the cat tree, the litter box... nothing. This is simple. Your cat has found the portal into the ghost dimension and curiosity got the best of him. Don't worry - he or she will return.

  • 5. Growling or hissing at something invisible?  

You're just minding your own business, when your cat stares behind you and begins to hiss.  Your cat sees something... a ghost?  Or perhaps, its just that knock on the door from a trick 'n treater?

Releasing Human Negative Energy

According to Sinclair, "When your cat is sleeping it is releasing all of the negative energies it has absorbed from you. If your cat sleeps more than anything else it is because he or she is doing you a lot more favors than you think. To be completely honest it is good to have more than one cat so that they can share the burden." So hopefully, this Halloween, your cat sleeps a lot up until the 31st to rid the house of all your negative vibes that might be a conduit for ghosts and evil spirits entering your space.

Cats around the world . . .

In this video, "The Spiritual Meaning of Cats Around The World," there is more data collected on how cats represent the guardians of the "Otherworld." Take a look, and perhaps this Halloween you and your cat(s) will be forewarned and forearmed to fend off ghosts before and during the holiday.

Primary Source: Awareness Act