California Wildfires Counting Toll With Wildlife & Pets

As devastating wildfires burn their way across California's terrain, communities are not only taking tally on human life, but also the wildlife. The National Fire Protection Association is now recommending that animal advocates consider and help with the efforts for for evacuation.

Social Media

The quickest method for news dissemination is our real-time access to social media. Californians have been taking to their social networks in mass to spread images of threatened wildlife. Dedicated accounts, groups and hashtags have been utilized by the NFP's online volunteers to help reunited pets and their owners and to alert search groups as to where these animals can be found.

Actress Alyssa Milano appealed to her Twitter followers on Friday to help five horse to safety. She was among the hundreds of thousands of California residents who had to evacuate their homes.

Malibu & Zuma Beach

This week those residing close the Woolsey Fire ravaging the Malibu area directed their larger animals down to a local beach for protection.

Local fire officials opened up Zuma Beach as an evacuation point for many of the, offering up some surreal scenes in areas usually frequented by tourists.

California Wildfires Counting Toll With Wildlife & PetsCalifornia Wildfires Counting Toll With Wildlife & Pets

Butte County

Around the Butte Count environs, where the November fires had been the most severe, emergency workers and volunteers, including the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, entered the affected areas to give emergency supplies to the larger farm animals that had been left behind.

Complicating matters . . .

The effort of first responders' is complicated because often animals found in these type sof fires flee or hide, especially when injured.

Some of the pets lost in the earlier fires are just now being united with their owners, as hard-working volunteers devised elaborate baiting techniques to locate and rescue them.

Help requested . . .

Local animal services throughout California have been urged to adopt or foster pets from shelters to make room for those being brought in on an emergency basis. Some of the rescued animals have been found with extensive burns, adding another layer of complexity to the reunification efforts.

Several online fundraising appeals have been set up to pay veterinary bills for many of the injured wildlife. In some areas, veterinarians have extended their services on a complimentary basis to attend to unclaimed lost livestock.

Folks who are missing their animals have been advised to check designated local rescue points - including airports and even casinos - where animals are being taken on an emergency basis.

Primary Source: BBC News