Annoyed by aggressive seagulls ruining his customers' meals, the owner of an Australian seaside eatery has begun issuing loaded water pistols to each table.

Cafe Arms Diners With Water Pistols To Deter Pesky Seagulls

From bears breaking into parked cars to monkeys making off with durian fruit from the back of a farmer's pickup truck, urban wildlife have shown a remarkable capacity to take advantage of any opportunity.

It's gotten to the point where folks can't even enjoy a meal at an outdoor cafe without a flock of seagulls swooping in to make their meals “mine!” A clever restaurant owner from Perth, Australia is fed up, so to speak, and he's come up with a safe, fun and effective way to make those seagulls run, run so far away.

Cafe Arms Diners With Water Pistols To Deter Pesky Seagulls

“It was bad, it was bad,” stated Toby Evans, who runs the 3Sheets restaurant in Hillarys Boat Harbour, to Nine Network television. “I think it's the time of year. Now they are getting cheekier and cheekier.”

The birds aren't all to blame for the situation, mind you. Littering, leftovers, and lots of people feeding the “cute” critters have conspired to create conditions where wild birds have lost their fear of humans, taking what they want anytime they want it. Evans was losing the battle to the birds... he was losing customers as well. “Something had to be done” before the avian onslaught reached Hitchcockian proportions.

Cafe Arms Diners With Water Pistols To Deter Pesky Seagulls

The solution Evans came up with was elegant, enjoyable (for his customers, at least), and effective: each table was issued a water pistol and, presumably, unlimited refills at no charge.

After a few days it was plain to see Evans' pistol-packin' plan was reaping rewards. Customers were returning – and staying – at his restaurant while no seagulls were harmed by the liquid repellent. “We didn’t have to throw anything at them or run for cover,” one satisfied customer stated. Let's hope the birds don't wise up and start employing their own, er, liquid repellent as a counter-attack. (via METRO)


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