The Cactus Cat Scratching Post is a claws for celebration for cats who delight in shredding furniture and wallpaper.

Cactus Cat Scratching Post

The Cactus Cat Scratching Post is brought to you by Peppy Pets, the same folks who offer the Jumbo Creature Cat Beds we recently featured at this site. In fact, both products can be seen in the photo below.

The Cactus Cat Scratching Post stands 85cm (about 33.5”) tall and is 45cm (almost 18”) wide. It weighs 5.58kg (roughly 12.3 pounds) and features a wide circular base to keep active kitties from knocking it over.

Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Unlike many scratching posts, the Cactus Cat Scratching Post is designed to take a clawing and keep on... er, keepin' on. That is to say, the wound hemp cording is tough and durable with the added bonus of not leaving debris and detritus in the aftermath of a vigorous scratch session.

The Cactus Cat Scratching Post is made in China from a Japanese design. Materials used in its construction include MDF, polyester, polyethylene, paper tubing, and green-tinted hemp cord. Wee cowboy hats for your cat-scratch-feverish kittehs are not included. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese-language product page at Peppy Pets.