DOGSBUTTER and DOGSBAR: You can eat them too!DOGSBUTTER and DOGSBAR: You can eat them too!

Is Dog For Dog a business or a cause?  Both. It sells the best natural treats available for your dog and, for every treat you buy, it gives one away to a dog in need.  "You Buy One. We Give One." is Dog for Dog's mottol

The cause is shelter dogs.  Dogs with no permanent homes who get a lot of commercial food donated to them, fortunately, but don't get many treats - at least not healthy ones like those made at Dog For Dog.

Here are the owners of Dog For Dog, explaining their products and their important mission - sharing with homeless dogs.




The company's two main products right now are DOGSBUTTER, made simply from peanuts and palm fruit oil, and DOGSBAR,
a nutrition bar made from certified organic peanuts, potato flakes,
rice syrup, sunflower oil, apples, quinoa flakes, and mixed tocopheroals
(source of vitamin E) - which also comes in blueberry!  All natural and all organic products as treats!  Wheat, corn, soy and gluten free, all ingredients are sourced and made in the USA.  What a treat is that?

The products this business produces for dogs are apparently so good that you will want to eat them too!



Dog For Dog TreatsDog For Dog Treats

Dog For Dog products are available in larger quantities as well.  Use this link to see all available items.


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