What would we think of our friends at SUCK UK if they couldn't come up with a clever bird feeder?  Indeed, they have. 

The Bungee Bird Feeder will feed your backyard birds and give them hours of fun... but aha!  The bungee cord is not thick enough for a squirrel or a rat, so those bird food thieves may be in for quite a ride if they dare try to go for it.  Ka - boom!

In typical stylish-silly design, Suck UK fashions its Bungee Bird Feeder in the shape of a man who is hanging by the bungee cord upside down from a tree.


Bungee Bird Feeder: ©SUCK UKBungee Bird Feeder: ©SUCK UK


Bungee Bird Feeder: ©SUCK UKBungee Bird Feeder: ©SUCK UK


 It's almost Spring; even groundhog Puxatony Phil says so.  So have the Bungee Bird Feeder ready to give some fun  to your backyard birds.  And if you want to feed your squirrels too, get some Squirrel Kob Bungees too.


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