There is little doubt that Buddy the cat saved the life of his grateful owner, Rick Chap. Without his intervention, no help could have arrived in time to save Chap from his  heart attack.

A Florida man named Rick Chap  believes his cat, Buddy, gifted him with one of his own nine lives when he saved him from certain death  by myocardial infraction. He was standing in his kitchen when he suffered a sudden heart attack that caused him to keel over the counter  where he lay helplessly before Buddy led his wife to his side. (See: English Setter Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)


Buddy and Rick Chap
Buddy and Rick Chap


Buddy Was Acting Strangely

Mrs. Chap was working in her home office when Buddy entered and began behaving strangely. She told the press: "He was meowing, scratching and jumping, and just trying to get my attention." She picked him up and left  her office, headed for the kitchen where she found her husband kneeling over the counter in the throes of cardiac arrest. Although she was not CPR certified, while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, she pulled her husband onto the floor and kept his heart pumping with quick presses to the chest. (See: Cat Saves Family From Fire.)

CPR Executed To The  Beat Of A Very Famous Song

She told the press she performed these movements in rhythm to the Bee Gee's  famous song, Stayin' Alive and she knew he was not  breathing at all while she was doing it.  Still, she would not stop.  She told the press that when the paramedics arrived "I just waited and said a little prayer and then they got a heartbeat." After a surgical procedure and six months of cardiac rehab, Rick Chap is as close to normal as he ever will be. He is thankful to both his wife and his cat for their quick thinking and positive actions. (See: Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack)

As far as The Bee Gees' famous song as a sort of metronome goes, believe it or not, this popular rock classic is used and endorsed by the American Heart Association in its latest Hands-Only CPR Awareness Campaign. Performing CPR to the beat of the song even without benefit of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can help to save  a life. (See: Dolphins Save Drowning Girl.)



Mackerel Tabby
Mackerel Tabby

Rick Chap said: "I really owe my life to Buddy because without him, she would never have come out of that office." Mrs. Chap added: "You hear sometimes that these animals have these abilities, to detect different things." (See: Sassy The Chihuahua Rescues Mistress.)

And Buddy certainly has!

 Good job, boy!

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Source: Daily Mail