A pair of rutting bucks locked together by their intertwined antlers got new leases on life thanks to a trio of Michigan hunters armed with an extendable tree saw.      

Bucks Tangled By Their Antlers Unlocked With Tree Saw

Don't get your antlers in a bind but male deer often lock antlers during the mating season... and every once in a while they can't get them UN-locked. This isn't a good thing, as one might imagine. Unless they can free themselves, bucks who end up in this situation suffer a sorry fate: eventual starvation and almost certain predation by coyotes or wolves.

One such pair of antler-locked bucks will live to spar again, however. According to WoodTV, two majestic 8-point bucks facing-off in a farmer's field in Bowne Township, Michigan, had gotten themselves locked together. Their struggle to break free was witnessed by Mark Johnson, an insurance agent from nearby Alto. “I called my buddy, Brad Lyons,” explained Johnson. “I'm like, ‘Brad, I think we got two bucks locked up, I think we need to do something.'”    

Bucks Tangled By Their Antlers Unlocked With Tree Saw

More calls were made and in short order Johnson and Lyons arrived at the scene, followed by their neighbor, Bowne Township Supervisor Randy Wilcox. The latter brought a crucial component needed to solve the puzzle: a tree limb saw. Also attending the event – with their smartphones set on “record” - were Lyons' wife Lisa and Johnson's wife Peggy.

The skittish bucks were in no mood to cooperate in any impromptu surgeries but when the pair tumbled into a creek, the Michigan men made their move. One deft swipe of the tree saw's spinning blade did the trick, leaving a spiky souvenir for the rescuers. As for the formerly entangled bucks, they made for the hills (in slightly divergent directions) at high speed. They'd best keep running: at press time deer season was a week away and their rescuers are all avid hunters.