A bear in Montana caught on video toting what appears to be a laptop computer may just have wanted to update his status to 'hungry for Apples'.

Bruin Toting Laptop Is Smarter Than The Average Bear

The nerdy ursine was spotted roaming along the side of a country road by Mike Potter, an artist from Whitefish, Montana. Potter believes the bear had been hibernating in a steel culvert just off the road and may have been flushed out by spring runoff. Upon noticing the bear, Potter began recording it with his smartphone (kudos to him for choosing Landscape mode instead of Portrait, by the way) but the bear seemed to have something in its mouth.  

“As I drew focus and zoomed in with my phone, I could see it clearer,” stated Potter, “and then when I was editing the video the next morning, I zoomed in at 100-percent and it just appeared to have a little micro-logo on it and shading right where a laptop would fold.”   

Bruin Toting Laptop Is Smarter Than The Average Bear

“It was a Montana moment I'll never forget,” said Potter. “I mean I grew up here in Whitefish, Montana and when I saw that, that is what makes Montana great.” Was the object actually a laptop, though? “It's so hard to tell and the video is so short, at least the one I have seen,” stated Stacy Courville, a Salish and Kootenai tribal wildlife biologist. “We've looked at it multiple times and we can't tell.”

Regardless of whether the bear is actually toting a laptop around may never be verified but one thing's for certain: local wildlife officials are now aware of a bear whose den is near a roadside ditch. As this poses a hazard to hikers and motorists, efforts are underway to try and trap and relocate the bear. Of course, if “Yogi” DOES have a working laptop and WIFI it'll be tough for the rangers to surprise him. (via Atlas Obscura)