British Parrot Speaks Spanish After Being MIA For 4 Years

A very prim and proper British pet parrot named Nigel has been reunited with his owner after disappearing four years ago. But surprisingly to the owner and everyone who knew him . . . he now speaks fluent Spanish.

Does that mean in place of "Chip, Chip, Cheerio" it's now "Hola Y'all? "

Hola Y'all

Que Pasa?

Nigel, an African Grey Parrot used to speak with a British accent when it flew the coop from its household in California in 2010. His saddened owner Darren Chick thought he was gone for good.

When reunited four years later, tears of joy were brought to his ears, despite the fact Nigel was now called "Larry" and he spoke Español. His first words were "What happened?" which translates to "Que past?"

La Reunión

The reunion happened in 2014 when Teresa Micco, a Southern California veterinarian tracked Nigel's [aka Larry's] microchip to Chick's Torrance, CA address.

Micco described the conversation she had with Chick about the African Grey: ""I introduced myself and asked if he had lost a bird?"

Little is known about Nigel's whereabouts while he was MIA, but Chick says Nigel's British accent is gone, replaced by a lot of Spanish vocabulary.

Nonetheless, Chick told the Independent reporter that "he's doing perfect . . . it's really weird. I knew it was him from the minute I saw him."  

It's the fifth parrot reunion facilitated by Micco, who advertised her own missing pet nine months ago. Her bird named Benjamin, disappeared in a flash when one of her doors was mistakenly left open.

Dog-groomer Julissa Sperling who first came across the Nigel, who had been whistling and chattering outside her front door.

"He was the happiest bird. He was singing and talking without control. … He was barking like the dogs,” Sperling told the Daily Breeze. I’m from Panama and he was saying, ‘What happened?’ in Spanish.” She then brought the bird to Micco.

Even NBC's anchor Brian Williams found this story noteworthy for a spot on The Nightly News on October 13, 2014.


Primary Source: Independent