The Bristly Brushing Stick

The Bristly Brushing Stick


Knowing how important it is to brush our dogs' teeth, we twist ourselves and our pups up to get a toothbrush into their mouths while they resist any way they can, as if they were being tortured. Well, it's kind of tortuous for us too!

But a dog father of six from Los Angeles has invented a dog toothbrush called The Bristly Brushing Stick that let's both you and your dog out of the 'torture chamber.'  Motivated by his childhood dog who died as a result of dental disease, Petros Dertsakyan used his molecular biology and business backgrounds to develop, test, and create The Bristly and a tasty enzymatic toothpaste for the brush. With an original goal of $15,000, the Kickstarter campaign is nearing $200,000 with, at this writing, 24 days to go! Obviously, dog parents are strongly motivated to get one or more of these brushes.

No doubt, the short video below helps pet parents see that an answer to their daily torture lay beyond.... (Note: Turn your volume down just a bit before starting this video.)



The many positions of the bristles and 'nudges' get to your dog's teeth no matter how she approaches The Bristly.  This do-it-yourself doggy toothbrush gives both teeth and gums lots of cleaning and stimulation - what your dog needs to keep his mouth healthy. And yes, you can put some peanut butter or other tasty treat inside The Bristly to encourage your dog to brush! The Bristly is hand-washable with soap and water and it is dishwasher safe.


The Bristly Brush Stick for dogs

The Bristly Brushing Stick


If you hurry, you can donate to the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter now, and you will get discounts on purchases of one or more Bristly Brushes.  The Brushes and toothpaste will be ready for shipping in October 2018.

I will update the column when the brushes are available for direct sale.

Chomp chomp.


That's the buzz for today!

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