This roomy, attractive and sturdy wood & wire cat climber enclosure lets your indoor cat enjoy the great outdoors safely and securely.

Solid Wood Outdoor Cat Climber Enclosure

Spring may be in the air but for your indoor cat or cats, one season looks pretty much like any other. Change things up with the Solid Wood Outdoor Cat Climber Enclosure from CatsPlay Furniture!

This expansive (26′′ x 25′′ x 22.5′′ of interior space) enclosure couldn't be more kitteh-friendly if it was designed by cats... which it may have been, who can say? Multiple climbing platforms provide needed exercise; strategic shelf placement allows your curious cat to access various viewpoints on the world.

Solid Wood Outdoor Cat Climber Enclosure

This stylish and sturdy cat enclosure is made from quality Canadian Hemlock wood tinted with non-toxic water-based stain. Durable, high-strength wire screening ensures security without sacrificing clear sightlines.

Overall dimensions of 27.5′′ deep by 40′′ wide by 72.25′′ tall give your cat plenty of room to stretch his or her paws while the partially enclosed, upper level shelter space ensures privacy is available when needed. Access doors up top and at ground level make it easy to insert and retrieve your cat to/from their “outdoor” playtime experience.

Solid Wood Outdoor Cat Climber Enclosure

The Solid Wood Outdoor Cat Climber Enclosure is topped with an attractive, weather-proof roof panel sealed with black asphalt. With all these features, you'd think an independent contractor would have to be brought in to set it up – not so! CatsPlay states the enclosure is easily assembled using included hardware, simple instructions, and common household tools.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at the CatsPlay Furniture website.