The team that invented and developed the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box for cats may have a thing about pet poop. They just released their latest invention: the BrilliantPad, a revolutionary indoor self-cleaning dog potty.



BrilliantPad Self Cleaning & Automatic Dog Potty


The BrilliantPad holds 27 dog toilet pads on a roll which automatically moves the dirty pads into a roll on the other side of the BrilliantPad. I'm sure you're thinking, "Well that's great for pee, but what about poop?"

Yes, the poop moves too.

As soon as the pee hits the pad, it begins to be absorbed by the pad, as do the liquid elements of the poop.  Then, when the automatic timer moves the pad to the other side, the pad gets flattened and sealed so that no odor escapes.  Watch:



Then, your dog is ready for her next pee or poop, and you don't have to do anything - nothing! - until the roll of 27 toileting pads are used.  You simply remove the roll and throw it away when the roll is finished and replace it with a BrilliantPad Replacement Roll.

Though the BrilliantPads are thinner than the average doggie pee pad, they are much more efficient while leaving less of a footprint than traditional pads.




The BrilliantPad seems to be a good fit for small dogs. Though the developers state the BrilliantPad can accommodate dogs up to 35 pounds, I think that would depend on a dog's current toileting habits.  If a medium-size dog is used to toileting on a traditional pee pad, the BrilliantPad would probably work fine.  But if your medium-size male dog, especially, is used to going potty outside, it may be difficult to train him to use the BrilliantPad, because male dogs just make more of a "to-do" of peeing and pooping, marking, sometimes vehemently, their territories.


BrilliantPad dimensions

Training your dog to use the BrilliantPad will be easiest for those whose dogs already use training pads and, of course, any puppy or young dog is more easily trained than older dogs, but older dogs can learn new tricks, despite the old saying. It will just take longer. The BrilliantPad folks provide a lot of training guidance and tips.

Overall, the BrilliantPad Self Cleaning & Automatic Dog Potty looks like a super solution for apartment living and situations where there are working dog parents, house-training puppies or adopted dogs, or older incontinent dogs.

And then there's just the good old convenience of it! Customers are loving it!




That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee

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