Noah has an arsenal of weapons that are invincible. His pure love and tenderness for a world that had forsaken him are a force to reckon with that compels many within his orbit to tears. Noah's loving spirit exudes such positive and astounding power that his owner, Lisa Marie, has transformed this brave little dog into a healing agent for both the elderly and the youth who cannot see beyond physical appearances and whose lives, for whatever reason, have known no empathy. (See my article on Tara the Hero Cat.)


Noah  at Work Lisa Marie

Noah's life had a terrible beginning

Discovered at five months old and weighing barely two pounds, this dog was housed in the filthy backyard of an unscrupulous California breeder and barely had a chance to compete for the kibble scraps thrown to him and his two seeing siblings. His future looked very dim until the Saving K-9 Lives Rescue Group found him. (See my article on the homeless cat who saved a baby.)

Nurse and kindergarten teacher, Lisa Marie, first laid eyes on Noah on the Facebook page, Everything Rosy, and she knew, although she couldn't have said why, that she needed him even more than he might need her. Already a loving Mom to one blind dog, she had been wanting another but hadn't found the right pup; that is, until she saw Noah. In her own words: " It was a visceral response of 'I need that dog.' It didn't take but five minutes before I started an application. (See my article on Sassy the Chihuahua.)

A new chance and a new life

Living in Wisconsin, she knew Noah was in California when she applied to adopt him.  She didn't expect much but was delighted when a few days later she received a phone call that changed both her life and Noah's. After his recovery, Saving K-9 Lives selected Lisa Marie as the one to love and keep him for always and sent him to Wisconsin equipped with a donated wheelchair and a Muffin's Halo, which is a device that helps Noah navigate his new surroundings.

But very soon afterwards, everything changed, and it became evident that this little dog was a very special soul who transcended his cruel past with dignity, kindness and grace. In her own words: "I found out that Noah has a really unique personality. He only wants to sit on your lap with his head in your neck, so heart-to-heart, neck-to-neck. He does not want to be held any other way."

Bullying is an ongoing problem with few solutions  in many American schools

Lisa Marie knew she had to share Noah's tenderness and started by taking him to local nursing homes.The 12-pound hunk of canine love was a big sensation, bringing warmth and comfort to many who had lost too much to care. And then she got a call from a local school asking for help with their persistent bullying problem. She did not hesitate, for she knew that Noah was born to make a difference. (See my article on Lulu The Pot-Bellied Pig.)

Noah with Children
Noah and School children

They arrived at the school with Noah in all his gear. The school children, taken aback for a moment or two, just stared silently at the dog that had no eyes, a wheelchair strapped to his back legs and a halo affixed to his head. Lisa Marie broke the silence by asking the children what things they thought Noah couldn't do. The answers were as expected: run, jump and play. Her answer was:"Yes, he can," and their response was: "Wow, but he looks so different," and that is the whole point.

The lesson learned is vital to human progress and understanding

Someone who looks different is just the same as everyone else on the inside. The differences among the way people look have nothing to do with who they are on the inside where they share the same basic needs as every other person on earth. Everyone has the right to be accepted, whether it's a blind, 12-pound loving dog or a person with a disability. All are worthy of respect and empathy. Lisa said: "By the time we left the school, they didn't see Noah as a disabled dog. That's how I want humans to see each other...If we can stop one kid from being bullied to the point of suicide, Noah has done his job."

There is no stopping this incredible pooch and the loving mission that keeps his noble heart beating. Noah has become a star that is still rising. May he shine brightly for a long time to come.

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