He made his bed and she's gonna lay in it... or so it would seem. One of a pair of captive lizards appears to be accommodating its slightly smaller cage companion by hanging from the enclosure's ceiling grid by its claws. While the former does the grunt work, the latter is happy to relax in the impromptu “bed” that's as soft as its own skin.

Very little information can be gleaned from the single image above, though we can assume that because the photo has gone viral on SINA Weibo that it occurred at a location somewhere in China.

As we humans avidly anthropomorphize such images, it's no surprise Chinese social media commentators have dubbed the hanging lizard the “boyfriend” and its opportunistic sleeper his “girlfriend”. Sure, the lizard whose claws are supporting the pair has its eyes wide open and the supposed sleeper's lids are firmly shut, but no knowledgeable herpetologist has yet determined publicly their genders – the fact the sleeper is the smaller of the two may not be relevant, other than to the lizard stuck with carrying its weight. (via chinaSMACK)




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