Smokey Joe In His Round Hound®Smokey Joe In His Round Hound®


Have biker dog will travel. But where does biker dog sit his excited little body when he rides? You want her to be safe, but a biker dog wants some action too. Not to mention style.

The biker dog carrier market gives you plenty of options, but many of them are not serious options, because frankly, they don't offer safety, action, or style. With safety first in mind for your precious biker pup, my top pick is the Round Hound® Pet Carrier. And when I saw a photo of its 240 pound inventor standing squarely on top of a Round Hound Carrier, that was my first hint.

Whereas most pet carriers are made of soft, collapsible material, the Round Hound is made of ABS, a very high-impact plastic used for many automobile parts, with aluminum reinforcement to offer protection in a roll-over. Only aluminum rivets and stainless steel bolts with nyloc nuts are used to minimize the likelihood of fasteners coming loose. And, yes, there are leash and harness ties so your pup won't be jostled all around.

The Round Hound meets requirements of the biker and the biker dog, offering a sleek (even custom) style, ease of use, and least obstruction to the biker; and protection, excitement, and a place to rest from excitement for the biker dog. For extra excitement, the side rails are removable.

Now, if you happen to own a biker cat or biker bird, the Round Hound can work for them too! Even if your pets don't care much for biking, the Round Hound makes a great kennel or crate for one or a couple of small pets (who get along with each other). Make sure your dog (or cat) is wearing a good pair of goggles.

The Round Hound is a well-designed unit. It's $239 to $399 price tag is modest considering the protection and portability it affords. It comes in four sizes, but the largest size only accommodates up to a 30 pound dog... therein, the rub.

If you have a larger dog, there are dog biker carriers to consider; however, I strongly recommend use of the Zoomer Helmet and goggles with them.

: The Round Hound is no longer available in the market. Unfortunately, we are left with very functional pet travel carriers like these.

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