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Many dogs and cats use their crates to snooze or just get away from it all. But Native American style teepees make much sweeter and cozier hide-outs for pets, and these three pet teepees are a whole lot cooler than any crate.

Some of the teepees below come with round comfort mattresses for your dog or cat; others don't come with a mattress, but you can order them separately based on your pet's needs or on the season of the year. The teepees are easy to put together and especially easy to move from spot to spot.  Let's check in on them....


1. Little Dove White Canvas Pet Teepee For Small Dogs And Cats


Little Dove Pet Teepee For Small Dogs And Cats

Little Dove Pet Teepee For Small Dogs And Cats


The Little Dove Pet Teepee is just the beginning of this wonderful hideout. The cotton canvas shell has a triangle of pine wood easily holding it up through inserts in the canvas. The bottom of the shell, also cotton canvas, is nice and breathable for your pet, but it is not cushioned. So Little Dove offers your pet the choice of beds - from a nice thick stuffed cushion to a faux fur mat to a cooling mat to a fitted heating pad! And Little Dove even has a washable cover for all of its mats. Twenty-four inches high with a 20 inch diameter, the Little Dove Pet Teepee is large enough for most 15 pound dogs, cats, or rabbits. And yes, the Little Dove does come with a blackboard for your own pet's name!


Little Dove Pet Cushion

Little Dove Pet Cushion


Take a look at the Little Dove Teepee reviews; pet parents and their pets seem to be delighted with their choices. They love the ability to open or close the opening to the tent so that their pets can view the rest of the family without participating, or can keep totally to themselves.


2. Little Dove Striped Canvas Pet Teepee


Little Dove Striped Canvas Pet Teepee

Little Dove Striped Canvas Pet Teepee


Although you can purchase the Little Dove Striped Canvas Pet Teepee without its rich, thick, matching mattress, I don't know why you would want to!  Look how nice and cushy it is! Well-designed with cloth tubes that hold the pine rods, the canvass colors are a stunning motif for a rustic or modern decor. This Little Dove Teepee is sized for a medium dog or a few small dogs and cats. It is larger than the Teepee above, at 28 inches tall and a 33.8 inch diameter, and it comes with a blackboard too!


3. Zaihe Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed

Zaihe Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed
Zaihe Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed


Do you see the dog's name on the blackboard above the entry of the Zaihe Pet Teepee?  It says "Lucky."  I'll say he's lucky!  Just look at him.

One of the sweetest patterns of all teepees, the Zaihe is one customer's "most favorite thing EVER!"  It's 28 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter, so the size falls right in between the two Little Dove Teepees above, still for small pets.  The Zaihe is navy blue and white.

Again, there's a great matching canvas mattress in the Zaihe. Both the Teepee and the mattress cover can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.


If the above teepee patterns don't reach out and grab you, check out more of these highly recommended pet teepee hideouts here.


That's the buzz for today!

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