This puppy is holding an incredible likeness to an ear of corn. It's a Boomie Squeaky Toy that really does its subject justice. You will do another double-take when you see the rest of Boomie's 'food line' of puppy toys.

Boomie Dog Toy

Boomie Squeaky Toy

I honestly did a double take on the Boomie Bread Toy below...


Boomie Squeaky Bread Toy

Boomie Bread Toy


... even when I saw the toy in this dog's mouth!


Boomie Squeaky Dog Toy

The Boomie Squeaker Toys are for puppies or for small dogs who are gentle chewers. Given that, the toys should hold up well. They are made of canvas cloth and contain a squeaker to catch your pup's interest. They measure approximately 8 inches long by 2 inches wide and are .5 inches deep and they weigh just a couple of ounces.

These Squeaker Toys make great dog gifts and their owners will get a big chuckle out of them! Take a look at a few more...

Here's the Fried Egg Boomie Squeaker Toy;

Fried Egg Boomie Squeaker Toy

Fried Egg Boomie Squeaker Toy


The Ribeye Steak Boomie Squeaker Toy,

Ribeye Steak Boomie Squeaker Toy

Ribeye Steak Boomie Squeaker Toy


And what may be the largest likeness of a shrimp you will ever see... the Shrimp Boomie Squeaker Toy.


Shrimp Boomie Squeaker Toy

Shrimp Boomie Squeaker Toy



Press this link to check out the Boomie Squeaker toys above, as well as the Broccoli, Ice Cream Cone, and Corn-On-The-Cob Boomie Squeaker Toys!

Looks like a complete meal to me!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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