A lot of people like to go out shopping for their Black Friday Christmas deals. In Tahoe City, California, this is apparently extending to the local bear population. Over Thanksgiving week a number of bears showed up at the mall and around local shops. At the very least they were engaging in some serious window shopping mixed in with some dumpster diving for snacks.

Black Bear
Black Bear

Image via SFGate

Once upon a time (last Wednesday, actually) there were three bears who went to the mall to do a little pre-Black Friday shopping -- for the "bear essentials" presumably. Fortunately the Lighthouse Center outdoor mall was closed at the time so no humans were in danger. A patrolling Placer County sheriff's deputy discovered the "grizzly" sight. He managed to catch a portion of his adventure on video:

One of the bears, with fine taste in fast food, was trying to break into a bear-proof dumpster in a vain attempt to grab some grub. It was just about that time that the officer showed up and sent them running.

The officer called animal control for back up before apprehending the "fleeing felons" as he called them. The bears were rescued without incident and returned to the wild. The mall has since been declared "unbearable."

Placer County has something of a history of shopping bears. In October a very large black bear went window window shopping in the community of King's Beach near Lake Tahoe. A sheriff's deputy followed him but eventually let the bear wander off on his own. Apparently he was just passing through.

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