Bissell Bark Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner

Bissell Bark Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner


It may not be possible or advisable to bring your dog to the groomer these days, but that doesn't mean your pup doesn't need to be bathed if you want to maintain her healthy skin and fur. And, of course, your carpets may need cleaning too!

If I'm being too cryptic, check out the name of this vacuum again: Bissell Bark Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner. It bathes your dog and deep cleans your carpet and upholstery.

If this seems a weird combination of gadget combos, the Dual's customers don't think so! "This is basically a carpet and upholstery machine with specialized attachments for bathing dogs," one owner commented. But it works! At least according to customerswho report that the Bissell Bark does both well!

Now, don't worry about the mess this tool is going to make. Fortunately, the new Bissell Bark Dual Use makes this process easier than you could ever imagine!



Here's the machine:


Bissell Bark Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner

Bissell Bark Dual Use Portable Dog Bath and Deep Cleaner


Here's what you get:

  • a 12.5 pound, 3 AMP machine that holds two containers, one for water (up to 68 ounces) and one for no-rinseshampoo.
  • an 15 foot power cord
  • an 8 foot hose
  • 3 spray nozzles
  • 3 grooming tools
  • a carpet & upholstery tool adapter
  • hydro rinse tool
  • sound dampening mat
  • microfiber towel for cleaning faces and paws
  • 20 oz. Bottle of Bissell Oatmeal no-rinse dog Shampoo
  • 8 oz. Bottle of spot clean
  • 2x pet stain & odor deep cleaning solution
  • mesh storage bag.


I don't know what more you could want in this package, but let's see how the tools are used on a real dog!



Several pet parents say they really like the odor of the Bissell Oatmeal Shampoo that accompanies the machine, but you can order other no-rinse Bissell Shampoos at the same time - either White Tea and AloeHoneyblossom, or Vitamin E

The Bissell Bark Dual Use can be used for dogs between 10 and 70 pounds. Customers report that on small dogs, the Dual is best used for your dog's back and tummy area, as their legs and feet might be too narrow for the tools. If your dog's fur is extremely thick, you may need to refill the water and shampoo containers one or more extra times. Also, the Dual Use is reportedly very easy to clean.

And if your pup is afraid of vacuum cleaner noise, as mine is, here are some ideas for introducing an anxious dog to the Bissell Bark Dual Use.



The Bissell Bark Dual Use is making its debut right now when our dogs can't get to a groomer, but based on the reviews of this vacuum, dog parents may decide to keep bathing their dogs at home and save some money. Bissell reports that 95 percent of customers said they would recommend the Dual Use to a friend. That's pretty high!

(To see if pet groomers are open in your state during the COVID-19 shut-down, check the list at this link: AKC State Regulations For Pet - Related Services


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