Here comes Binky  the hero cat to save the day!

Being a watch dog is  a tough job even if a cat is in charge

Someone has to protect the family and if there's no watchdog around, a watch cat will do! Binky watches out for his loved ones and is now being hailed  as  a hero because he stopped a would-be burglar from climbing inside through an open window in his home on Finley Avenue. It happened just a few weeks ago at midnight when the cat was alerted by a noise in the backyard near the garage. (See: Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year Old.)

The would-be burglar first tried to gain entry through the front door

The burglar first tried to force his way through the front door under false pretenses.  He told Cynthia Kootz that she needed to let him in because "there were men out there trying to shoot and kill him." He even offered to show her credentials, but neither Cynthia nor watch-cat, Binky, believed him. And so, he turned to the window, and the cat-beast / loving pussycat that was  just waiting patiently for him to dare and try. (See; Sassy the Chihuahua)

Attempts at window entry cost the burglar dearly

The next thing Cynthia knew his hand went through the window and then Binky went after his hand. Momentarily repelled by the  cat's sup[rising  onslaught, he tried a second time to get through and Binky went into cat-ninja-intruder-murder mode. In Cynthia's own words: "I was shocked the first time Binky started growling...The cat blew up like a balloon and got him again." While Binky was busy biting the intruder, his mistress was on the phone with 911 dispatchers.  Like a Keystone Cops slapstick melodrama, the burglar soon had enough of Binky and ran right into the waiting arms of the police as he was fleeing the scene. (See: Tara The Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack.)

The police took the burglar into custody

Mr. Earl Scruggs was bleeding very badly from Binky's blitz attack. At first, the police did not believe that such a docile looking cat that loves to play with children and other family members could cause such injuries, especially since Binky had no claws. However, they soon learned the biting truth from his owner who was shocked but  thankful that the cat now purring in her arms had come to everyone's rescue. (See; Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

Paramedics were called to the scene to treat the suspect for his wounds. Police discovered the man had a lengthy criminal record. Although he has committed other felonies, this is the first time he was ever brought down by the likes of a cat hero named Binky. (See: Lulu The Pot-Belied Pig.)

Yeah, Binky! Keep up the good work!

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