Springer Dog Exerciser

Springer Dog Exerciser


Dog loving sports enthusiasts are creating more and more ways for their best friends to enjoy their favorite sports, and biking is no exception. While there are a number of adaptations that enable you to go biking with your dog, the Springer Dog Exerciser seems to put 'smooth biking' and safety up front.

A popular adaptation to one's bike, the Springer Dog Exerciser can be attached to your regular, touring, or mountain bike on its back wheel frame or under the seat. (If you can attach the device to your wheel frame, it is preferable, as your seat may have to be raised too high for your own comfort to accommodate the clamp.)

Springer Dog Exerciser

Springer Dog Exerciser


The Springer is designed to keep your dog at a safe distance from your bike with a steel mounting frame that has an extension arm where the leash attaches to your dog's harness. (Do NOT attach to a collar!) And, as you can see in the image above, the Springer has a heavy-duty steel spring, situated low on the arm to absorb up to 90% of the force of a dog¹s sudden impulse to chase a squirrel or anything else that catches her fancy. This insures your safety as well as your dog's, as the spring will resist your dog's impulse to take off.

The Springer Dog Exerciser has a patented emergency release hook at the end of its 18 inch leash in case your dog gets wound around a tree or hydrant as you ride; however, some customers are not happy with this particular feature and have made modifications to it, one mentioning that an automatic release would be dangerous where there are cars around. Though true, it should be noted that even the Springer company has advised customers to ride away from roads on dirt or grassy grounds, as tar and pavement are not good for a dog's paws. (Don't forget Musher's!)

Springer has made a short, but thorough, video for customers, providing an overview of its Dog Exerciser.



Make sure you introduce your dog to the Springer slowly, as he will need to get up to speed gradually!


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