guinness book of world records winner
Mike Minnick & Bixby (image via NBC7)


We’ve all seen them: bicyclists riding cross-country or up steep hills or mountain passes (at almost a complete standstill) and thought better you than me or what are they thinking? But, just because it’s a tad more ambitious than most of us couch potatoes care to indulge in doesn’t mean it’s not a great way to spend your downtime.

In fact, for people like Mike Minnick and his rescue dog, Bixby, it’s the only way to see the country. The two recently completed a 14,000-mile ride on an electric bicycle to shatter the previously set Guinness Book of World Records by as much as three times.

Animal Advocacy

Minnick, a longtime animal advocate who promotes local animal shelters, rode 9,300 miles with Bixby back in 2015 advocating for pet adoptions when thieves stole his Yuba Mundo cargo bike and all their gear in Mission Beach, CA. While the theft put his “Hug Your Dog” journey on hold until he could resupply, he remained ever the optimist. His positive attitude was rewarded by the citizens of San Diego, who not only kept an eye out for his bike but helped him and Bixby raise over $16,000.

People Helping People

“San Diego reached out to me in a way that was really humbling. I mean people offered us places to stay, a complete stranger offered me their car,” Minnick told reporters for the city’s NBC affiliate. “I mean people came from everywhere and made sure that we didn’t go without, that we were taken care of. And they took care of us in a really real way,” he went on to say. Not only did the residents rally round Mike and Bixby, but they were eventually able to locate the bike and return it to the grateful pair.

Happy Trails

For now, man and beast plan to head north in order to wrap up their record-setting adventure. When asked what the future holds, Minnick stated that another bike tour to raise money for animal shelters is in the works. In the meantime, anyone who might be interested can check out the dynamic duo’s Where’s Bixby? page for information on their pro-rescue mission.

If you’re interested in more stories about pets and their owners cycling cross-country for a worthy cause, then you might want to read about Harold Palmquist and his dog, Daisy, who have been riding across country on their bicycle in an effort to raise awareness about homeless vets and their pets. The things we do for the love of dogs!