It is time to start planning how you are going to scare the pants off people for Halloween this year. Make truly horrid home decor with a malevolent mutt this year. This awesome Zombie Dog will definitely do the trick!

Zombie Dog
Zombie Dog

While human zombies go for human brains, zombie dogs seek a snack of the brains of any living creature. This particular dog was most likely a Chihuahua in his former life, and we all know how vicious they can be! Anyway that gives you the idea of the size of this decoration. With its red-rimmed eyes and strangely human-like teeth (with an overbite and periodontal disease) it could still scare the crap out of anyone. Perhaps that means it is perfect for the bathroom. Even though Cujo here is made of latex he is best used indoors, or in a covered and protected area outdoors.

To order your own Zombie Dog (or to order one for a friend as a twisted gift), click here.

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