I was first introduced to the Bergan Turbo Scratcher through watching a YouTube video with product recommendations for a new cat. I was really intrigued by this product due to its shape, color, and its entertainment factor.

Bergan Turbo ScratcherBergan Turbo Scratcher


The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is what I like to call a "circle toy" for your cat. There is a track around the outside which has a ping pong type ball inside, that your cats can bat around. The ball can be easily moved by a fling from your cat's paw, however the ball is still secure enough to not come loose or fall of the track, providing endless hours of fun for your kitty.

The inside of the circle is composed of a corrugated cardboard insert that is there for your cat to scratch on. The inserts last for a long time and can be replaced when your cat's have scratched them up. To get double the use out of them, you can flip them over to the other side once one side is scratched up. It will look brand new.

Carboard Inserts-Bergan Turbo ScratcherCarboard Inserts-Bergan Turbo Scratcher


Another fun thing you can do to spruce up the Turbo Scratcher is to replace the standard ball that comes with it, with their replacement flashing balls. This provides an additional element of fun and can encourage your kitty to continue batting at it. 


Flasher Balls-Bergan Turbo ScratcherFlasher Balls-Bergan Turbo Scratcher


 The Bergan Turbo Scratcher can be a great training tool to teach your cats where it is appropriate for them to scratch. Some cats even like using this product as a lounger/bed. It's a great all around toy and fantastic for your new or old kitty.

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