The city of Westland, Michigan, has welcomed the newest member to its Fire Department. Bella is a certified arson detection dog, who is worth her weight in gold and doggy treats.

Acceleration Detection Canines

It is a well-known fact that canines have a sense of smell that is tens of thousands more sensitive to odors than that of humans. In addition to the love and loyalty dogs give their caretakers every day, this uncanny ability serves humanity in powerful, unexpected ways. Arson dogs, also known as accelerant detection canines, are specially trained to detect trace amounts of ignitable liquids. This includes:gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, turpentine, butane and other flammable solvents. (See: Odin The Hero Dog Saves 8 Goats In California Wildfire.)


Michigan's Newest Arson Dog
Photo: City of Westland


According to Westland Fire Chief Micheal Stradtner: "Frequently, the time required to pinpoint crucial evidence can lead to the deterioration of said materials before they are even uncovered. Introducing an arson dog to the environment early reduces the likelihood of this scenario, and increases the odds of locating trace evidence that an investigator may not find otherwise." (See: Frantic Dog (See: Frantic Dog Leads Police To Desperate Family Scene. )

Enter Bella The Labrador Retriever

Bella is the newest member of the Westland Fire Department. As a certified arson detection canine and the first Arson Dog in Western Wayne County, Bella has a very special job. She helps fire investigators quickly locates trace evidence and she always gets the job done,. Her specialty is accelerant detection, and she has put that skill to good use. She loves to play, but knows when it is time to work. Her training is rigorous and subject to annual evaluations. (See: Pit Bull Rescues Humans And Animals From Burning Home.)

The Firefighters Public Awareness Fund in addition to generous donations from their union charity purchased Bella and according to Mayor Wild: " We are proud to become the first community in Western Wayne County to possess our very own arson dog. This new asset will allow us to drastically reduce the duration of a fire's investigation and minimize any potential for oversights." (See Family Goat Alerts Family To Fire.)

Bella's Training Uncovers Motive In Residential Fire

In one of her earliest jobs, Bella was bought to the site of a residential fire where a body was found. In the master bedroom it was Bella who alerted investigators to the presence of fuel. A confession from a suspect came after laboratory tests confirmed evidence of gasoline and a case of arson /murder. (See: Hero Dog Saves Owner From House Fire.)

Good job, Bella!

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