If your dog or cat likes to burrow, but you don't have a burrowing bed - that is, a bed with a top that 'hugs' your pet  - you can get a BedHug Burrow Blanket to fit right over her bed.


BedHug Burrow Blanket

BedHug Burrow Blanket - Gray


These well-endowed BedHugs are made of extra-thick high quality sherpa and come in small, medium, and medium-large sizes. The colors are sure to harmonize with your dog or cat's bedding: gray, as seen above, carmel, and pink, both as seen below. Also, the BedHug is machine washable!


BedHug Burrow Blanket

BedHug Burrow Blanket - Carmel


BedHug Burrow Blanket

BedHug Burrow Blanket - Pink


The BedHug literally hugs your pet's bed, wrapping around and fastening below the bed with wide Velcro® straps. This is a great solution to many of the pet cave beds that sit collapsed so that your pet has to open it himself. The BedHug is held open by the height of the pet bed.


BedHug Burrow Blanket

The small BedHug is for dogs and cats up to 15 pounds; it fits beds 16 - 22 inches long.

The medium BedHug is for pets up to 20 pounds and beds 23 - 27 inches long.

And the medium-large can fit pets up to 35 pounds with beds 28 - 35 inches long.

Larger dogs will have to burrow with you!


Dogs and cats are natural burrowers. Burrowing makes them feel safe; they burrow in the wild to hide from predators and to keep warm. Our cats and dogs have not evolved that far from their wild cousins that they don't like to hide sometimes too!

BedHugs are calming for cats and dogs. And when your pets are really stressed, you can apply one of these great natural essential oil de-stressers just made for dogs and cats to the interior of the BedHug.

The BedHug has a 91 percent 5 star rating on Amazon.com.


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