Roses are red, violets are blue, animals love flowers just like me and you! This fragrant expose of flagrantly flora-loving fauna may simply be the result of patient photographers enjoying some judicious timing.

kitten with flowers

Regardless of rhyme or reason, however, one can't resist smiling at these natural sights of the season. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Matthew Smith)



Alvin Calling!

Sorry Simon and Theodore, Alvin can't come out to play today. Spring is here and this is one chipmunk who's got some wild oats to sow. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Pixdaus)



Do These Flowers Make Me Look Fat?

horse grazing in wildflowers

The answer is no, no they won't. According to the photographer, livestock (including, presumably, horses) won't graze on bluebonnets like the gorgeous carpet of wildflowers in the image above. Good thing - that's a lotta wildflowers!. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via TexasEagle)



Puppy Love

cute puppy with bandana and flowers

First love is never easy and showing the object of your affections an object expressing your affection can be an excruciating endeavor. Just ask this shy young pup whose feelings are of the non-violet kind. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Max Pixel)



The Bear Narcissities

polar bear sleeping with flowers

How are Polar Bears adapting to global warming, you ask? Let's just say it's a work in progress but there ARE some benefits, such as sweet-smelling dreams. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Dunnock_D)



Best Friends

best friends in wildflowers

There's just something about a field of wildflowers... and sharing the joy of nature with a Best Friend makes the moment even better. Thanks to Flickr member Higantegiant for sharing this magical vista of blooming wildflowers and unconditional love from California's spectacular Antelope Valley. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Higantegiant)



Porky & Petunias

warthog with wildflowers

Aww, sow cute! They may say warthogs and wildflowers don't mix but here's one fine swine who thinks flower power's on the verge of making a comeback. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via ka.hi)



What's Up, Buttercup?

woodchuck with wildflowers

When they're done chucking wood, there's nothing woodchucks like better than chilling out among the wildflowers. Wouldn't you like to do that too, er, Chuck?. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Pixabay)



Petal to the Metal

squirrel in field of blue flowers

She loves, me, she loves me not... she's nuts! And if you're a squirrel, that's about the very best compliment you can get. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Alex Smith)



Ethereal Oriole

Baltimore Oriole female

Baltimore Orioles - both the birds and the baseball team - are commonly associated with contrasting black and orange colors. The female of the species bears much more subdued plumage but the right photographer can really let the ladies shine... and a backdrop of beautiful flowers seals the deal. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Abby Mueller)



Owl Be Seeing You

owl flying over field of bluebells

Hoot mon, that's not Scottish Heather "Florence" the owl is cruising over! This field of bluebells lies a wee bit south, at the British Wildlife Centre in Newchapel, England. Smile for the camera, Florence! (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Sue Cro)



Hedging His Bets

hedgehog with flowers

What better way to soften up a prickly demeanor than with a bouquet of beautiful roses? And what better choice of flower for a guy who sports plenty of thorns of his own? (cute Animals Love Flowers image via PxHere)



Flower Bower

The Bowerbird is one animal that doesn't need posed or staged photos to display his love of flowers. Indeed, this is a bird on a mission: the more beautiful his bower (a sort of avian seduction den), the better chance of landing a mate... which is where the flowers come in. (cute Animals Love Flowers image via Huemea Loh)




mouse in pink flower

This li'l mouse is tired of eating cheese and now wants only honey - direct from the source, cutting out the middle-man.  (cute Animals Love Flowers image via hehade



garden cat flowers

It's a well-known fact most animals' sense of smell far exceeds that of we humans. It naturally follows that if we enjoy the unique and exquisite aroma of flowers in bloom, they might just find it scent-sational! Then again, when it comes to animals, who really nose?(cute Animals Love Flowers image above via Max Pixel)


 *** UPDATED! On February 22nd, 2019 - Originally published on May 7th, 2012



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