Honey is one of nature's golden treasures mined and processed by
millions of tiny flying workaholics. With that kind of pedigree it makes
sense to keep your supply of this liquid gold in a receptacle befitting
its sweet status. Enter the silver and glass Bee Honey Jar.

Bee Honey JarBee Honey Jar

This honey of a jar is an elegant and fun way to keep your honey close at hand for your tea, toast, or oatmeal.  The metal accents are silver plated and the body is clear glass. 

Bee Honey JarBee Honey Jar

If honey isn't your thing, then you can use it as a sugar bowl or a candy dish. It this is something that you could see keeping on your table as a functional decoration then you may also want to buy the matching salt and pepper shakers (click here).

Bee Salt and Pepper ShakersBee Salt and Pepper Shakers

The customer buzz for this item is largely favorable. To order your own Bee Honey Jar, click here

Bee Honey JarBee Honey Jar

If you want something else for your honey, this stunning crystal beehive honey jar is also worth considering.

Beehive Honey JarBeehive Honey Jar


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