Two bears in rural Manitoba who climbed to the top of a 66-kilovolt hydroelectric power pole were rescued by line workers and, this being Canada, are now free to catch a buzz somewhere else.  

Bears Climb Power Line Pole, Avoid Getting Buzzed

The pair of young black bears were spotted atop a Manitoba Hydro supporting a transmission line near Sundown, Manitoba, on October 31st. It would have been “sundown” for the bears had either of them touched the 66-kilovolt high voltage power line.

"Obviously, bears don't belong on the top of hydro poles," stated Manitoba Hydro spokesperson Bruce Owen. “How they ended up there, who knows?," added Owen, who then speculated something on the ground must have frightened the bears into making the ascent.     

Bears Climb Power Line Pole, Avoid Getting Buzzed

Once the local Manitoba Hydro crew alerted their dispatcher to the “unbearable” situation, the company put a previously-rehearsed plan into action. Step 1 was to cut the power on the 66,000-volt transmission line while a cherry-picker bucket truck was directed to the scene.

After they arrived, workers were lifted to the bears' precarious perch. “The crew then waved 'hot sticks' over the bears,” explained Owen, “gently coaxing them down where they scampered away.” All's well that ends well: the bears escaped injury (those “hot sticks” weren't actually hot), Manitoba Hydro workers got to practice their bear-remediation techniques, and local residents didn't lose power as only the main line was de-energized. One might say... nothing shocking occurred. (via Steinbach Online)