A few years ago, 68-year-old Robert Briggs from the town of Paradise, California, was hiking  through the wilderness when while admiring a group of bears from a respectable distance, he was attacked  by a mountain lion and rescued by an unlikely heroine; a mama  bear.

A Typical Hiking Trip Was Almost A Deadly Encounter

Almost every Monday morning for the last two years, Robert Briggs went on a two-mile hiking and gold- panning trip through the dense California wilderness near Whiskey Flats. At some point, he encountered a mother bear, a yearling and a cub sitting on the bank of a flowing stream. He sensed no danger, as he was about 40 feet away, and he stopped to watch them. As he turned to leave and continue on his way, something big and powerful leaped onto his backpack with all four paws and knocked him to his knees. (See: Pride of Lions Save Ethiopian Girl.)

An Act Of Heroism That Defies Human Nature

At first, he didn't know what hit him. When Briggs realized that a mountain lion was attacking him, his life flashed before his eyes and he was certain he was going to die a painful and certain death. But he was wrong, and in an act defying the laws of Mother Nature, the mother bear attacked the mountain lion. In his  own words: "That's when a blur on my left side grabbed the lion by its throat. Turns out it was the mama bear. Then I heard a tremendous screeching, some growling noises." (See: Hero Dog Saves Humans From Bear Attack.)


Mama Bear
Photo: Good News Network

Outweighed by hundreds of pounds, the big cat scampered off and Robert Briggs lived to tell the story. And then the most amazing part of this incredible tale of rescue happened. The mother bear went down on all four legs, looked Briggs right in the eyes and turned and walked away to return to its young. He later told the press: "I think the lion was stalking the bear cub and I got in the way... I'm 100% sure  the bear  did want to save my life. We made eye contact. I had seen these bears before, and I know she knew who I was." (See: Gorilla Saves Little Boy.)

He retained some bruises and deep scratches on his arm but refused medical help, despite his wife's pleas. He told the press that he owed his life to that  mama bear. He said:

"I poured some hydrogen peroxide on my arm, and it feels fine. It  is black and blue from  the wrist to the elbow, and you can still see the puncture wounds." (See: Squirrel Named Rocky Foils Burglars. )

Way to go, Mama Bear!

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Source: The News Burner