A Boston bank robber thought he was smarter than the average bear when he did his dirty deed while wearing a polar bear hat.

Bear-Headed Man Wearing Ingenious Disguise Robs Bank In Boston

Pro tip: when robbing a bank, try to be as unobtrusive as possible lest the media, police and FBI get on your case, big time. Wearing a white winter hat with ear flaps and a polar bear face is not, we repeat NOT an example of unobtrusiveness unless the bank you're robbing lies within a stone's throw of the North Pole.

Bear-Headed Man Wearing Ingenious Disguise Robs Bank In Boston

The male suspected of robbing a Century Bank branch on State Street in Boston evidently didn't get that memo. The perp was snapped in the act on Wednesday, December 21st via the bank's surveillance camera as he passed a note to the teller and collected a small amount of banknotes before making his escape.

Photos of the suspect were posted at Massachusetts Most Wanted's Facebook page by the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force, who would like to get their hands on the cool criminal. They'll have to compete with any number of defamed and offended actual polar bears, no doubt. (via UPI and CBS Boston)


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