A shaggy resident of a Polish zoo who dug up and played with a World War II grenade might be smarter than the average bear... luckily, it didn't make any boo-boos nor cause any boom-booms.

Bear Finds WW2 Grenade, Avoids Grisly Fate

The ZOO Poznan, located in western Poland, is a large and expansive facility featuring extensive forested compounds and an abundance of flowing water.

Raised platforms allow visitors to observe the animals without walls and fences obstructing the view. Zoo staff often bury healthy treats and snacks in the bear enclosure's soil, providing stimulus for the resident European brown bears.  

Bear Finds WW2 Grenade, Avoids Grisly Fate

All was well and good at ZOO Poznan until a visiting officer of the Polish Border Guard noticed one bear, a female named Ewka, was playing with an object that seemed oddly familiar.

Closer inspection of Ewka's new “toy” revealed its true nature: a rusty mortar grenade dating from the Second World War! The Poznan region saw much bitter fighting during the 1940s so it's really no surprise Ewka dug up an unexploded munition while looking for treats.

Bear Finds WW2 Grenade, Avoids Grisly Fate

This tale has a happy ending, thankfully. According to ZOO Poznan spokes-person Malgorzata Chodyla, Ewka was distracted long enough for zoo staff to retrieve the grenade – neither man nor beast were injured in the process. The grenade was taken by army sappers to a test range where it was detonated safely.

By the way, our lead image does NOT depict Ewka though it's kinda relevant... the statue of Wojtek “the soldier bear” can be found in Duns, Scotland. (via The Seattle Times)