A woman walking her dog on a British beach recorded a meeting 'sealed with a kiss' when a marine mammal came ashore and planted one right on her pup's kisser.

Beachcombing Pup And Curious Seal Share A Kiss

Britain's beaches can be a tad chilly in February but don't tell that to Wendy Pike. While walking along Scarborough Beach one morning with her teen-aged daughter Trinity and their playful pup Lula, they witnessed something that warmed the cockles of their hearts.   

Beachcombing Pup And Curious Seal Share A Kiss

As recorded by Pike and posted to her Facebook page, the trio were strolling along when a small seal suddenly emerged from the surf. As the marine mammal climbed up the sands, Lula trotted over to inspect the curious creature. No doubt neither had met anything like the other before... what would happen when they met?

Beachcombing Pup And Curious Seal Share A Kiss

Something wonderful, we're pleased to say! It only lasted a moment but the two pups touched noses in what we're calling the World's First Inter-species Kiss. "I was so privileged to witness this beautiful connection between two magnificent creatures," explained Pike.

As stated, the “kiss” was merely momentary as Lula quickly turned tail before the seal somewhat reluctantly returned to the ocean. Fish-breath will do that.


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