Unbeknownst to her mother, Amanda, six-year-old Olivia Goodman suffered a seizure in her home in Renfrew, Scotland, and would have died if not for the insistent barking of Baxter, the Labrador pup, warning her to check on the child and not being quiet until she did so. (See my article on Sassy the Chihuahua.)

The child fell ill at school and was sent home

Little Olivia was resting on the couch in the family living room when she began vomiting with her face against a pillow, which was causing her to choke violently. Baxter began his call to action: barking, pacing and growling to get Mom Amanda's attention. (See my article on Tara the Hero Cat.)

In her own words:
My daughter was on the sofa sleeping off a cold and had rolled face first into her pillow, vomiting and in a seizure state. My Labrador pup alerted me as soon as it started, barking at her side adamantly and I shouted at him many times to be quiet and not to wake her. He continued to pace the living room and bark at her and growl at me until he jumped on her, knocking off her covers. Then i saw...the pillow blocking her airway."

Olivia was taken to the hospital via ambulance

The little girl was transported to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Her six  minute seizure required several hours of treatment and observation and the hospital kept her overnight to make sure it was safe for her to return home. The child's father rushed to her side from his job offshore in the North Sea. (See The Blind Dog Who Teaches Children To See.)

Olivia is still recovering at home under Baxter's careful eye and Mom's loving  care. She is expected to return to St. James Primary School very soon. There is little doubt that the little girl owes her very life to this devoted puppy who also watches over Sophie, the other child in the family. "He is our Hero." said Mom lovingly. Others feel that way too, and Baxter was awarded the Animal Hero Title of 2015 sponsored by the RSPCA charity. (See my article on the Cat Who Saved His Owner From Drowning.)

Olivia and Her Hero, Baxter
Baxter and Olivia: Photo: Amanda Goodman

Baxter is honored for his heroic efforts

At a glitzy annual ceremony held in conjunction with the RSPCA at London's Grosvenor House and hosted by Britain's Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, Baxter the Labrador puppy received the Annual Hero Award for 2015. A very enthusiastic Baxter, while waiting for his moment to shine on stage, decided that he wanted to play rather than attempt a thank you speech. He accidentally knocked Ms. Holden over, making the most of his time in the spotlight.

Ms.Holden was gracious and took her fall to the ground in stride, never relinquishing for one second her glamour and grace. Brushing herself off, she said: "I'm a massive animal lover and I'm a vegetarian and I'm delighted to present this award every year."

Baxter is a hero but he is also a playful, lovable puppy. The combination stole the show and brought a moment of levity to all in attendance.

Here's to Baxter and his devoted and loving spirit!

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