One dog muzzle, two cultures: plastic basket cage dog muzzles listed at are modeled by real live dogs but the same muzzles sold at China's Taobao online marketplace are shown on cute stuffed toy dogs instead.

The muzzles come in a variety of sizes suitable for most sizes, ages and breeds; six sizes at Taobao and seven at Amazon. Both sites offer a total of 13 muzzle sizes in total.


We'll assume the muzzles are made in China because they're basically identical and therefore where would you think they're made, China or the USA? As well, one commenter at the Amazon listing wonders why the muzzle they purchased does not display a country of origin. The default manufacturing location these days: China.

But enough of that, these images are the reason you're here. We can only speculate why the Taobao seller preferred to have their products modeled by what are basically canine mannequins. The combination of a cute stuffed animal toy and a massive muzzle seemingly designed for the orneriest junkyard dogs is, well, sort of like having Barbie model ball gags. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

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